söndag 10 oktober 2010

Read about OAM and radio yet?

"Orbital Angular Momentum".

Those three words should make you very exited. And why is that? Simple - massive radio bandwidth boosts!

Orbital Angular Momentum is a property of electromagnetical fields (photons, including radio AND light) that was discovered "recently" and that haven't really been used much yet. What makes it useful is that you can send MULTIPLE SIGNALS ON ONE FREQUENCY at FULL maximal bandwidth for the frequency on EACH signal!
It's because the signals can have different "OAM values" and be seperated from each other based on it!

One of the researchers think that 100 OAM different values could be used at once, meaning 100 channels on one frequency - bumping up 300 Mbps WLANs to 30 Gbps, with no other changes!

Oh, and that applies to fiber optics too, meaning 100x faster normal internet connections as well!

Search for "Orbital Angular Momentum radio" on your favorite search engine NOW!

(Some of the research is done by LOIS, a part of LOFAR, iirc, that study space with it.)

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