tisdag 19 oktober 2010

Gadget: Sunnan, solar charged IKEA lamp

Let's begin with the specs:
The Sunnan lamp has a solar cell, 16 LEDs, 3 x rechargable 1200 mAh AA NiMH batteries (1.2V as usual), the solar cell and batteries is in/on a removable "box", it has a flexible "arm", ~4 hours of light, and for every lamp sold, a kid in areas in Africa without electricity gets one (it's so dark near the equator already at around 6 to 7 pm that you can't see more then a few meters far or read, so it's awesome for school kids).
Here in Sweden it costs 150 SEK.

Like somebody else said in a comment (that I don't remember where I read it), it would almost be a shame to not buy one.

I'm thinking of getting a second one for experimenting with the LEDs.

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