fredag 9 januari 2009

General geekyness

So, it's a new year. Wow. Kind of.

Well, I should probably start to learn programming for real soon. I've got to get some compilers for various languages and some programming enviroments...

Anyway, I've been doing some geeky stuff the last year as well. I've got some Twitter followers (probably not geeky, but anyway), I've managed to get a free T-shirt sent to me from the Openlina (, staff as thanks for an awesome idea(!), I've managed to get some invites to even more beta applications/services and I've got some more geeky skills in general. Soon I've had my laptop an entire year (bought it in late February 2008), and I've managed to both cause and fix a couple of hundred issues on it already, and I've already installed and downloaded more than 250 apps (it could be +350).

When I've got internet at home again I'm going to get replacements for all my apps on Windows Vista for Ubuntu (I've got a dual boot system), and then I might even wipe Vista's partition and replace it forever!
Open source FTW!

So, if there are any readers at all - do you want to read about anything specific here? Feel free to comment.