torsdag 15 mars 2012

The future of posterous

Seems like there's a risk that Posterous might end up shutting down.

So to replace it I want to get my own domain so that I can have a permanent place online.

Any suggestions for registrars and hosts, etc?

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Edit: My current blog:

torsdag 8 mars 2012

How to uninstall Digime on N9

The steps:

Enable developer mode, open the terminal (it shows up in the launcher), enter this: "cd /etc/init/apps" and hit enter/newline (that big button on the bottom right of the keyboard :). Then enter "ls", then look for the name of this app's script there. Then you run "devel-su", enter the password (default is "rootme", change it or disable developer mode afterwards!), and after that you run "mv name-of-the-digime-script /home/user/" (this moves it instead of deleting it). Now, REBOOT! Now you can uninstall the app!

Just thought I'd share that here.

Posted via email from Nat's blog