fredag 11 november 2011

Binary day, 11-11-11

No matter what date format you prefer (except for those with the year in four numbers), today's date is a binary date (only 1's and/or 0's). Yesterday was another one. And this one is actually the last of this century, since there won't be another year ending in only 1's and/or 0's until 2100.

Just thought you might be interested. :)

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onsdag 9 november 2011

Number of apps

Some people have 55 apps on their phones. This morning I had 55 apps *waiting for updates*. Total app count? Over 300.
Fortunately my SGS have room for them all, unlike my old Spica that almost always had out-of-space warnings when I installed new apps.

Among the updates were the newest version of mAnalytics - and it's great!
There were also an update of Google Goggles, but I don't really feel like using it's new autosearch feature for camera pictures. Feels creepy, kind of. And it's also not accurate enough.

I might write a bit more about my apps later, but for now this is all.

Posted via email from Nat's blog