lördag 13 mars 2010

Hehehe, just read some of my old posts...

New year again, and it's March already. Time goes fast.

I've got internet at home now (3G modem). ICS + Wi-Fi router (dhcp off) for sharing = geeky. :)

I've spent some time programming. I was fiven a C++ coding book as a gift (one of ~20 books), and I've experimented with Python as well as written plenty of shell scripts (did I mention that Ubuntu is my primary OS now?).
I might just try Fedora sometime soon. I guess I'll install it when it's got a decent in-place upgrade system like Ubuntu has. I will probably have bought an extra hard drive to install it on already by then. :)

I'm on Cory Doctorow's mailing list - he recently sent an email saying that they're gonna send 200 free copies of his latest novel "For the Win" to people under 19;

"If you're under 19 and want a free early look at the book for review on
your blog/paper/whatever, send a note with your address to
torpublicity@tor.com with "FTW" for the subject-line. Also include the
name of your blog or school paper. For fun, also share a game you
enjoyed recently and why."

I thought I'd try and see if I can get a copy to review over here in Sweden. :P
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