tisdag 17 mars 2009

What I will write about

I've decided to write about a few subjects that I think is important. I might just as well tell you the titles of them right now, so here they are:

* "I own that idea"
About copyright and patents, and being "territorial" about inventions and ideas.

* You are not the norm
About what are normal and not, how people treat others and how people react on behaviours they think is strange.

* Copyleft FTW!
My way to say thanks to all authors of free and open source software and people who support Creative Commons.

* Who are inventors?
About what inventions are and what it takes to create something brand new, inspiration, etc.

Knowing that I've promised that I will write about this are probably going to make me more eager to get it written as soon as possible as well. :D
(Edit: Hmmm, seems like that plan didn't work. I've got to start writing all these posts soon...)

I WANT COMMENTS! Please? ;-)
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